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Épisode 6

Durée de l’épisode : 38 min 07
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In the continuation of Episode 5, Djibril Drame discusses the mission of Sabali, a film and art communication company co-founded with Elhadj Malick Badji in 2012. Djibril emphasizes the importance of jobs in the creative industry that not only facilitate creation but also ensure the transmission of knowledge, values, and creativity.

Sabali’s initiative, the Recalcitrant Workshops, focuses on strengthening the capacity of young individuals in art and new professions. Djibril shares the challenges of financing these trainings but remains committed to supporting young talents in creative fields.

The conversation delves into Sabali’s projects, including lepeuplesenegalais.net and collaborations with institutions like IFAN. Djibril expresses the desire to create a museum with artistic residences, training facilities, and interconnectivity between African creatives.

The dialogue touches on the difficulties faced, especially in terms of finance and energy, and the necessity to collaborate with the government and seek support from state entities for long-term sustainability.

Djibril envisions a future where Sabali evolves into an institution with a museum, residences, and a society dedicated to visual arts and film. The ultimate goal is to create a space that fosters creativity, knowledge, and collaboration.

The conversation concludes with reflections on the importance of local expertise, the need for trust and collaboration within the creative community, and the significance of sharing and caring in the process of transmission. Djibril expresses gratitude for the positive energy shared in the creative space and looks forward to continued collaboration and support.